French bulldog race this came into being under end XIX age and it is this splendid dog to company.  The Englishmen states that the more a lot of massive English bulldog which did not find in her motherland acknowledgement's miniature version and therefore she became sended to France simply. Frenchmen meanwhile they are careful him for original French race.  It doesn't matter how it was, if ideal dog at all exists to company this it is before just French bulldog.  It is clean, nice, it does not moult almost, to bring up him easily, there are no unpleasant habits and a lot of movement does not need.  It the best is suitable for older men because it is in head little eye his mister then / nor and French bulldog adores being in centre of interest.  It loves family,  it is to party splendid buddy with children.  Generally saying , he without trouble adapts to different conditions and situation, a lot of work does not cause but it is happy in close contact from one's family only. French bulldog is very intelligent, about nice disposition, gentle and cajoling.  It walks on walks only willingly therefore because it adores being from one's state. It loves party, caress and all spended with owner moments It Can satisfy three short walks in neighbourhood of place the residence.  It is for living in blocks men splendid companion. It is attentive, purchaser to party, it barks little.  It eyes and was one should provide for in cleanness on nose wrinkle.  To to take care of fur easily. Buldogs are sensitive on tones of owner's voice very and they be able to feel in house bad atmosphere. It loves adults and children how also small animals and large, it characterizes with one word great become fond of to life and world.  His intelligence and they cause satisfaction, that it is suitable to training on obedience well. It Is unusually emotional dog, times until it to exaggeration, by what be able to be jealous.  It Be characterizes by with courage and dexterity. It   it was One should was to dogs about shortened kufa , it therefore was one should also have on attention this. It in sweltering summer days was one should   assure him shadow and solid access to water.





French bulldog - small, odd reminding one's appearance something figurine indirect between pug, English bulldog and koboldem with Scandinavian saga.  Unusual appearance and the interesting guilds of character caused, that they fascinated men by the last two centuries, winning in quick pace followers' crowds. Race passes as comparatively young. Kynologist's majority dates on XIX age the rise of race, and   it as place her rise shows France. 

French bulldog from the end of XIX century

It has not however unanimity in matter, where from bulldogs, called later French, they arrived to France and what dogs' races folded on their rise.  We first notes, speaking about small dogs from short kufa find at Confucius in 1700 year p.n.e. Race this, it the most probably descends similarly how all battle dogs, from Molos from Epiru and Roman Empire mediaeval Alano, great Danes, has with bulldogs the relationships of blood from Great Brytain and small doglikei races from France. The name the "boldogge" or the "banddogge" appeared really about 1500 year in it translating it marks chain dog -, that is lace-up in time of day, and lowered in night. Name "bulldog" after once first find in letter from 1631, in which this Prestwick Eaton ordered at Georga Willinghama two bulldogs which be able to in perfect way they say catch teeth bulls. Dogs these they be used in popular in contemporary times the entertainment of crowds, hounding the bulls and then the dogs' fights. It   was begun so breeding dogs which except strength would possess also manageability, speed and stubbornness. The tests of crossing from terrierami contemporary bulldogs in relationship from this were undertaken untill year 1858, when then fights were illicit at last. Not necessary animals were already so large, strong and aggressive, it   it was begun was so altering bulldogs slowly,  so to to get calmer dogs, gentler and former battle dog's miniaturka under name in this way came into being "toy - bulldogge".  Animals these gained me the popularnoć quickly both in poor social layers how and among class of average in France and Belgium. Toy - bulldog became with French race slowly, which found in neighbourhoods of Paris particularly a lot of lovers. Dogs' external appearance from at a run time underwent gradual changes. Not it will give oneself to say today, how the breeders proceeded, what changes are the effect of purposeful farming, and what the result of case. Little bulldog was poor men's dog, we among kept breeders' surnames find the name of contests: the trader, innkeeper, rag - picker, boy on parcel, the porter, owner of house of delights. There how is no unambiguous theory dogs these they came from England to France.  They arrived there together with from weavers which arrived from Nottingham probably and they settled down in neighbourhood of Calais. It   And it in France was begun was just crucifying with different races. According to some kynologist French bulldog came into being in result of bulldog's crossed with pugs, different show on bulldog's crossword with Spanish dogs,  and also on crossword with used to extermination of rodents dogs and the small dog-like from northern France and Belgium. Joan Palmer in book titled " racial Dogs", affirms that French bulldog comes from from English bulldog's young, taken to France by weavers from Nottingham, probably or from imported to France from Spain dogs. Doctor Rousselet - Blanc in book "Dog" given by Larousse'a it writes, that he according to the most probable hypothesis appeared in France in XIX age he with English workers of textile industry, for what was crossed with different used to extermination of rodents dogs together with and small dog-like from northern France and Belgium. From   the railway the Polish kynologist the Lubomir Smyczyński claims, that in the French bulldog's veins the liquid the former mastiffs' blood with admixture of the Dobermanpinscher's blood or the terrier. Britta Branders ,adds it that it was crucified was with terriers doubtless and pugs. Ears were left near this unintentionally, which transform gradually in characteristic, bat-like


Medal in 1625 year in Spain was has knocked out from dog's head.

  She Is very approximate to French bulldog's head . In South America, on area the Chincha in central the and northern part the coast of Peru already in times of precolumbiian vein the reminding the pug dogs or the French bulldog. Bulldog chincha were named. It was can not however affirm to bulldog no genetic similarity or pug, because bulldog chincha disappeared with fall of Inca tribe together with.



In given in 1939 year Ignace's book Manna pt. of " dogs' Race" is the photo of dish found in time of dig works in Trujillo ( Peru ),  come from with prekolumbian epoch. It be decorated dog's figurine.  French bulldogs in first period their existence, as definite already race, they passed for plebeian dogs.  They be bred by rag - pickers (collectors rag), weavers, and drivers. Change of their social status happened in moment, when English King Eduard VII stood owner bulldog, and Toulouse - Lautrec immortalized littledog's bat-like on one from his paintings.  By one's, so special appearance and character in summers 80 - these last age dogs from suburbs and market hal conquered higher spheres and artists' world.

 Circle of promenient people connected with french bulldog is very wide ie. Colette - writer . The Maury the Maeterlinck - the writer,  laureate of Nobel's priz. The Fiodor the Szaliapin - the singer of world fame.  Ann Pawłowa - famous dancer. Tatiana Romanow - great Russian duchess.  The Yves the Saint the Laurent - the dictator of fashion

First toy - the bulldogs appeared on exhibitions obok bulldog about 1836 year, in relationship from this you should suppose, that the forbidding of organization of fights, it was not to change of way of farming the only stimulus and exhibiting different the dogs' features.  They differed from their cousins imperceptibly, mainly standing ears and more strongly shortened jaw. First club of this race came into being in 1880 year in Paris. It   First registration to register was executed was in 1885 year,  First standard was worked out in 1898 year.  First dog was had put out in 1887 year. First bulldog in year 1888 was imported was to USA where they aroused such interest, And first American club of breeders of race in 1896 year in New York came into being already.  They became the dogs of well-off part of society, and the terrific prices achieved. They with trouble gained acknowledgement among judges even.

In 1896 year judge M. Boutroux with contempt spoke about butchers' dogs, living among simpletons and rabble, not recognise them for spontaneous race and not seeing for them no future. Fate be able to be malicious. The same mister Boutroux, when race grew to rank of pride of animal France, in 1910 year became secretary of French Bulldog's Club.  It for date of acknowledgement of new race was one should at last accept 1898 year when this Central Cynological Association recognise French bulldog for new, separate race. Received official her name became then - French bulldog. They conquered England equally quickly it because the club of breeders of race in 1902 was put was already, and year later appeared on exhibition first bulldog. French Bulldog won on whole world popularity and it in today's times possesses innumerable adorers' crowds. The standard underwent by summer of modification, is in force at present the standard from 1994 year worked out by Committee of the French Bulldog's Club.

History of race French Bulldog in Poland

French bulldogs settled in interwar Poland quickly. It testifies about   this the fact putting of their precise description in given in 1928 year the book the M. Trybulskiego pt. " the Dogs of, race, the farming, training and the treatment".  Can treat as first in Poland the publication of "pattern" description this. II World War caused the destruction the large quantity of publication and documents, on basis which one could to to trace in our country the development of race. They despite their bulldog's plebeian past stood the favourites of Polish aristocracy, well-off intelligence and actor's world.  It in kept numbers of monthly "My Dog" in No. 2 with 1934 year was can find the photo of steam the bulldogs about names the POUCHE and ZEZETT, making up property ks. Olgierdowej Czartoryskiej from Baszkowa.   Inż. Newyear's Eve breeder, exhibitor Stachiewicz from Warsaw be well-known and simultaneously French bulldogs' importer.  Interwar period in Poland yielded the fruit between different calling in 1937 year of the French Bulldog's Club. Something mysterious these have to conceal in their interior "odd men", if love to them be able to cross from generation on generation. The explosion II world war stopped in Poland the development of cynology.  Next stage of her development begins after 1945 year.  Warsaw in the French bulldogs' farming exceled, it though individual copies of representatives of this race were encountered was also in different regions of country, between different on Silesia and in Cracow.  First post-war breeders bulldogs were living on Basket-work ul. state Weberowie. Farming in the same time came into being almost "Varsovia" Zdzisław's inż. Lubowickiego. Splendid magnificent oneself farming of "100 Consolations".  Polish buldogs be well-known in Europe, and bred in Poland dogs in Polish exhibitors' hands are and often possessing the highest titles np:  The Winner of Europe or the Interchampion .




                                     THE PATTERN 

 Pattern   Race   confirmed   by FCI under   No.: 101

General impression. Typical, little molos . Strong dog in one's small figure, short, compact in all proportions : smooth garment, short muzzle and flat, standing ears, short tail with nature. Active, intelligent, very muscular animal's impression has to inflict , about compact building and strong skeleton. Behaviour and character: sociable, lively, willing to parties, purchaser to practices, full enthusiasm. Particularly tender in relation to one's mister and children. Head: it has to be very strong, wide and graniasta, covering head skin creates almost symmetrical wrinkles. The withdrawal the part is characteristic feature of the bulldog's head jaw - nasal the and skull about enlarged transverse dimension ( the width) the cost of length. Skull: wide, almost flat, almost convex forehead. Prominent bows, divided with furrow, upperhead developed remarkably between   eyes. Furrow can not cross over forehead. Occipital faintly developed bump.Stop: deeply marked.Face-skull. Nose: wide, very short, upturned. Wide obtuse nostrils and symmetrical, directed obliquely to back. The building of nostrils as well as they have the upturned nose however to make possible free the breathing   by nose.Kufa: very short, wide from symmetrical go down wrinkles symetric on upper lip ( length kufy carries out about 1/6 whole length of head).Jaw and: wide ,graniaste, strong. Jaw creates wide goes out bow   over jaw. Near closed muzzle advancing jaw be softened by bend her side bows.Teeth : chopers of jaw never can be retreating beyond chopers cashes. Bow bottom siekaczy be rounded. Jaw can not show side deviation nor twisting. The mutual arrangement of bows the siekaczy is not definite closely: the most essential it is coming together lips in such way , to teeth were completely invisible.Lip : fat, somewhat loose and black. The upper lip of links oneself from bottom in her the central part, entirely covering the teeth which can not be visible. Language can not also be visible.Cheeks: cheeks well developed muscles, but not convex.Eyes: about alive word, placed low, enough far from nose and first of all from ears. Dark colour, enough large, clearly round, lightly convex, entirely invisible bialkowka, when dog look before me. The collet of eyelids she should be black.Ears: the average of size, wide at base and rounded on ends. Placed high on head, but not very near me, carried straight. Aural opening directed towards forward. Skin has to be gentle and soft in touch.Neck: Slightly modeledTrunk. The Line of back: it rises on level of loins gradually, and it falls towards tail then violently. Such just building be desirable and it is the result of shortness of lumbar party.Back: wide and muscular. Loins: short and wide. Buttocks: slanting. Chest : cylindric and deep, barrelly formed very clearly rounded. Breast: wide. Drawn up stomach, but not excessively( not charci). The short tail, placed low on buttocks, the very close of buttocks, fat at base the narrowed or broken with nature and narrowing on end.Front limbs: look at from side and front - put vertically and simultaneously, in standing in considerable distance front limbs from me position.Back limbs: strong and muscular ( somewhat longer than front limbs) which causes the exultation of buttocks. look at from side legs and back - put vertically and simultaneously.Garment: beauty and smooth , adjacent , glittering fur and soft.Color: uniformly fawn striped or not, alternatively with small quantity of whiteness.* fawn, striped or not , from average or large quantity whiteness.All tints of fawn colour are admissible, from red to light-brown ( coffee from milk).The entirely white dogs were classified as "fawn, striped with large quantity of whiteness".The measures and the weight of body: mass can not be smaller than 8 kg, nor also larger than 14 kg with bulldogs in good shape. Proportional measures to mass Wszelkie odstępstwa od podanych wyżej cech należy uznać za wady i oceniać w zależności od ich stopnia. Disadvantages: narrow nose or squeezed from chronically wheezing breath, does not to come, together lips, bright eyes,dewlap,protruding elbows,jumping pond or serf to front,raised tail, too debts or anormal short,spotted garment, hair too debts, discolouring lips incorrect walk.  Serious disadvantages: visible chopers near closed muzzle, appearing   language near closed muzzle,  the dog "playing on drum" ( the stiff movement of front limbs), devoid on fawn individuals' head pigment places, excessive or insufficient weight. Disqualifing disadvantages: the eyes of different colour, nose about colour different than black,  harelip, dog, which jaw arranges for upper jaw, steels visible teeth near closed muzzl, not carried ears straight, the wound of ears, tail or the back limbs,  spur (wolf's claws),  the garment of black colou, kindled,, mouse-like,, auburn, the lack of tail,    Caution:. Males have to have both cores deserted to scrotum entirely, clearly in her visible.





When you decide on bulldog...

The choice of race the dog, which settles on long it flies in our house he should be well-thought-out exceptionally. 

French bulldog and they are Polish greyhound, though in this to believe hard, members the same species Canis familiaris - have the same genetic examples, anatomy and basic impulses. By ages men created surprisingly different changes the same species inside, and they bred the thanks of careful selection different groups dogs, which answer men's needs. Shepherd's dogs appeared from here, defence, hunting, exhibitionally, decorative. Let's let's remember , that sorted on space many summers specific differences in building and they exist to today the behaviour of individual races.  Though remembered French bulldog   and basic impulses kept Polish greyhound, they differ between me with behaviour and building.


Bulldogs are small , though athleticly built , joyful , gentle , greyhounds meanwhile are large, slender , sensitive , hunting , balanced , very intelligent dogs

 Which one of them will be the better dog for company ? 

Which it is more tolerant for children?. 

Which need more movement?.

 Which will cause less medical problems and which it less dirties in house?.

 And finally which one pleases us the most?.

 On these questions and many different have me to answer and to think over what race to us more it answers. It it was can not was act with only aesthetical regards , it because was can choose race which it clashes with style of given person's life. Older man, not liking to walk, having less strength, long buldożka will choose. Young, liking sports, ( drive bicycle, trip...) it will will feel having for companion well these expeditions, purchaser, untiring greyhound.

French bulldog this: this incredibly joyful always finished to party tiny little dog.  *  It Can be kept in house from garden how it will will feel also well   in tiny little flat. *  It Is for older persons good companion or handicapped, as also splendid buddy for children.  *  Shortened nasal line Has and it happens , that   sometimes nostril. *  French bulldog it is one from thin dogs about so peculiar and grotesque appearance. * It Looks dangerously and it in reality is very gentle. * It Is attentive and it barks very little. *






I dissuade look for on markets dogs, bazaars, in zoological shops. There traders ( to does not mislead with breeders ! ) they feed on sensibility of buyers' persons under influence of the impulse which be not able to lean pretty little bucking on exhibition puppy. 

Many of these dogs is reared bad, we can not see their parents. Large probability exists ,that puppies have been too quickly separated from mother and brother and sister, and it can then have the disorder of psychical nature ( np. unsociality, aggressiveness ).

Private sellers offer on sale puppies across notice in periodicals. They have not at all no experience often ( or too little) and puppies usually sell with accidental associating. 

 Experienced , careful breeder this racial puppies' the best source.  In making contact with breeders helps KYNOLOGIC Association .   * Good breeders  they put notice about one's farming in specialistic ( cynologique )  periodicals : " Pies " bimonthly publication of Kynologic Association. *  Other way to know about breeding is to visit exhibition of racial dogs    ***  Puppy can't be taken earlier than it is 7 weeks old !