Dog Show in Poland 2010

     23/24.01  Głogów (O/Legnica)

13/14.02  RZESZÓW

28.02   LESZNO

6/7.03 JAROSLAW 

 6/7.02 DZONKÓW



What do the dogs' exhibition serve?

Answer 1.   It seems that they are necessary to someon ,since every year in our country dozen or so thousand men takes part in them . And different ones goes  for border so, they could present on exhibitions one's underlings.

Answer 2.   dog shoow is a spectacle, sport event, and has meaning for development of farming.

Answer 3. dod shoow serve the purpose of linking the new, cynological acquaintances, exchange of experiences... .

Answer 4. dog shoow is the only place where can show how many are dogs' races as they look . Cynological knowledge in our society is almost zero unfortunately.

Answer 5. for breeders dog shoow is a opportunity to comparison "one's"  puppies with different born at different breeders ( from different associations itp.).

Answer 6. for acquire of animal opinions. Only positive dog shoow opinions received can admit dog for a breeding .

It's seems that dog shoow fulfil many various functions,such as satisfying so varied men's needs.


It's seems that dog shoow fulfil many various functions,such as satisfying so varied men's needs.

In comparision to "true" sport there is only one difference : there are no money prizes ! . It is for participation in dog shoow one should pay - for every notified dog. 


Can be heard often:

 " I have dog for me only and I won't be tiring him with dog shoow". One which said these words, when he after suggestions goes on his first in life dog shoow,  with principle alters his sentence, because dog shoow draws in like gambling. The dogs also like these dog shoow if they have good associating and experience with them . If our dog will remember one's first   dog shoow as something very pleasant where master's whole attention will be concentrated just on him , it receives favourite delicacies, meantime it will accompany us with great desire in preparations to departure and then in dog shoow. 


We distinguish dog shoow of type:

 *  national  *  international  *  champion class   *   club dog shoow  *   european  *  world  * 

Dogs on dog shoow register to suitable class - this depends on given dog's age.

Dog shoow classes:

from   3   to   6   months    -    puppy class

from   6 to 9   months      -    puppies' class

from 9 to 18   months     -    youth class   

from 15 till 24 months    -    indirect class

above 15 months      -   open class  

    above 8 years   -   veterans' class

champions' class ( for dogs with champion's title ) 

  usable class  ( for having the diploma of usefulness dogs )

What can our favourite win on dog shoow ?

1. Perfect opinion   - when it is, in super shape, the ideal representative of race,without defects or mistakes.

2. Very good Opinion   - if he is approximate to perfect dogs, but has little defects..

3. Sufficient Opinion    - when it fits the standard of race but it shows considerable defects.

4. Without opinion - walk down from ring dogs which have disqualifying defects, they are aggressive or cowardly.

to every opinion is added a description which makes decision well-founded

except opinion dog can be admitted by the title( which they have huge prestige value ), the cups, medals, places. And so in every exhibition class   ( with except of the puppies' class ) ,medals or rosettes are granted for three dogs , which got the perfect opinion and  I ,  II ,  III  place, with that :

for a  I place is granted a gold medal

   for a   II place is granted silver medal  

for a   III  place is granted  bronze medal

titles granted on Dog Shoow :

Winner of Youth ( ZW.MŁ.)   *   The best Dog in Race ( BOS )   *   The best Bitch in Race ( BOS)  *  Winner of Race ( BOB)   *   Winner of Group ( BOG)   * Winner of the Best in Show ( BIS )  * Winner of the Best in Show Junior  *   Winner of Poland   *  Youth Winner of Poland   *  Winner of Club    *   Youth Winner of Club  *  

The most important title that dog can win on terrain of Poland is the tiltle of  * the Champion of Poland * ,  * the Youth Champion of Poland *.  The highest title that can dog win during one's exhibition career is the title of Interchampion (  CACIB - International Champion of Beauty ).